Word of Mouth…

    Kate Hanley

    For the past few years, my workouts have primarily consisted of running and I did not fully comprehend the importance of strength training until I started working out with Doug. I never did more than run and never got the results that I expected to get from running alone. I initially attended Doug’s TRX class after a close friend referred me to his class. I thought I would try it once and then be done. Little did I know that after the first workout I would become hooked!

    My body began to tone up after a few sessions and my arms and abs have become much more defined. I’ve never done the same workout twice in Doug’s class and I sweat like a beast. Doug takes the extra time to ensure you do each move with the proper form and is incredibly patient. As a result of Doug’s TRX class, my running has also improved and I’ve shaved a minute or so off of my per mile average.

    Since Doug’s TRX has been amazing I also enrolled in Doug’s Boot Camp, much like TRX I was addicted after one session and can’t wait to have a rockin bikini body by this summer, I highly recommend Doug and his expertise!

    Kathryn Grassel

    I’m very happy that Doug has helped me expand my horizons in terms of strength training. I have been doing the same exercises at the gym and have not felt that it has been money well spent. He has shown me how to engage my stabilizer muscles and has helped me achieve a more exciting total body workout in the time that it took me to strengthen two muscle groups. He has also helped me integrate running into my weekly workouts more efficiently. Thanks, Doug!

    Diandra Trautenberg

    Working with Doug was the best decision I made! I always left sore and felt like I accomplished something. I saw results within a week of working with him. If that’s not something to say for the tremendous work he does, not sure what will be. He makes the workout very entertaining too!

    Dave Levin

    Doug has given me by far the best workout I have ever had. His TRX training is amazing. It really gives you the best full body workout but, it doesn’t stop there – his knowledge of training on all levels is second to none. I have been practicing as a chiropractor for 12 years and I look for a trainer that has a lot of knowledge of how the body works – his knowledge of physiology with his attention to form is perfect. There are a lot of trainers out there. What I get here is above and beyond anything I had ever experienced. Not only do you get “the best trainer in town” you also feel good about it with part of the proceeds going to help others in need. I would recommend Couch Doug over anyone out there. I have already recommended his training sessions to all of my patients and will continue to do so. I’m looking forward to my next workout. Thanks.

    Deb Greenstein

    I always look forward to my weekly sessions with Doug. The workouts are fun, challenging and always different so I never get bored. Doug is a great motivator who will challenge you to do your absolute best but never push you towards injury. His priority is to help you get fitter and stronger and achieve whatever your goals may be. I have definitely seen results and know that anyone who trains with Doug will as well!

    Tosca DiMatteo

    I would never use another trainer other than Coach Doug. He is so passionate about helping people meet their goals and pushing them every moment of the session to make sure you are getting the maximum experience. I purchased sessions for my husband and was well worth it because Doug makes every effort to accommodate challenging work schedules. I also purchased sessions for myself and never felt better about my fitness level. I would go back to Couch Doug and recommend him to anyone who wants a top notch trainer.

    Michelle Stiles

    Doug’s bootcamp class made me noticeably STRONGER and helped me complete my first full marathon!! Doug’s class will certainly kick your butt but he will teach you the proper form to prevent injury. You can expect something new and interesting each class and more importantly an instructor who really wants to see you improve!

    Wei Leong

    Coach Doug is an excellent teacher and motivator. His vast knowledge and unmatched creativity make his sessions unique and interesting. Doug’s training sessions are certainly rigorous, but never ridiculous. He is extremely respectful of his clients, never expecting more than currently possible, as long as you are giving your best effort. Even after a few sessions, I noticed a substantial improvement in my fitness level and strength. He puts in just as much effort–if not more–into each session as you are. He takes the time to make sure you understand every exercise and that you are doing it properly in order to work the right muscle group. Doug is careful, kind, compassionate, and knowledgable, making his training the most worthwhile I’ve ever had.

    Marisa Nystrom

    Coach Doug is a wonderful trainer! He motivates you to do your best and pushes you so you can achieve maximum results. I have never felt better or have been more confident in myself! I was able to achieve all my fitness goals and with his help, completed my first half marathon stronger than I have ever been! TRX is an amazing workout tool and Doug taught me so many ways to use it and challenge myself! I am forever grateful to Doug for making me strong and confident!


    Coach Doug is an excellent teacher and motivator. Even when you are dangling two feet off the ground because you can’t get that last pull-up in, he is there to encourage you and help you find it in yourself to finish the exercise. He is truly passionate about helping you reach your goals, and is a great motivator when you feel stuck in your fitness journey. His vast knowledge of fitness and unmatched creativity make his training sessions unique and interesting.